Sunday School

We offer multiple Sunday school options for adults each week. Typically these classes center around books of the Bible, topics that we want to spend time studying in-depth, characters from God’s Word, or other practical areas of life in which we can grow as followers of Jesus Christ. Classes meet from 9:15 to 10:15 a.m.


The women’s ministry team coordinates a number of options for women in the church throughout the year, including overnight retreats and special events. A bible study is typically offered twice a year.


We have plenty of options available just about year-round, between Men’s Golf League starting in the spring, Men’s Softball in the summer, the fantasy football league in the fall, and Men’s Basketball and Archery League in the winter.   Every other year we plan a “Big Buck” night with a wild game dinner and a special outdoor speaker.

Young Adult/College Ministry

YAC focuses heavily on the idea of gathering to celebrate faith and hope in Jesus, while recognizing the need to do so together as one body. We get together every other Sunday at 6:30pm for food, fellowship, and study.