Praise Team

Our praise team consists of band members who have the desire to lead the church body into theologically sound, Christ-centered worship each week. On a typical Sunday morning at RBC, you will hear a blend of both traditional and contemporary music. If you have an interesting in singing or playing on the praise team, take a look at our Worship Ministry Policy to see how you can prepare for an audition!  contact us

Special Music

A couple of times a month, RBC incorporates special music into the worship services. This is usually a 3-5 minute solo or ensemble song that is Christ centered and supportive of the worship service theme. If you have a musical gift that you would like to share with the church, please see the “SPECIAL MUSIC” section of the Worship Ministry policy to see how you can play a part!

Special Events

Throughout the course of the year, the praise team is involved in many different special events! Some of which are: Worship In The Park (worship, baptism, lunch, and fellowship), Fundraisers, Christmas programming, New Years dedication service (prayer and praise).